Committed to the Health and Happiness of Your Pets

Bullard Marks Veterinary Medical Center in Fresno offers comprehensive veterinary solutions tailored to your pet’s well-being. From preventive care to advanced treatments, we combine expertise and compassion to provide exceptional medical services, ensuring your furry friends lead a long, healthy, and joyful life.

Our Services

Proactive Care, Radiant Health: Preventive Care Services for Pets, Ensuring Lifelong Well-being
Sparkling Smiles, Healthier Lives: Exceptional Dental Care Services for Pets. Now offering 20% Off on Dental Cleaning!
Secure Their Future: Spay and Neuter Services for Pets, Empowering Health and Happiness
Precision and Care: Expert Surgery Services for Pets, Ensuring a Healthy and Happy Future
Comfort and Care: Anesthesia and Pain Management Services for Pets, Ensuring a Gentle and Pain-Free Experience
Unveiling the Truth: Comprehensive Lab Test Services for Pets, Ensuring Optimal Health and Care
Seeing Beyond the Surface: Unveiling Your Pet’s Health with Advanced Digital Radiology and Ultrasound
Compassionate Farewell: Honoring Your Pet’s Journey with Gentle and Caring Euthanasia Services
Unlock the Mystery of Your Pet’s Allergies: Discover the Solution with Advanced Allergy Testing for Pets. Blood allergy testing is available to determine the common environmental,insects,and food allergens.
Experience the Power of Laser Therapy: Transforming the Lives of Pets with Cutting-Edge Healing
Give Your Aging Pet the Extra Care They Deserve with Expert Geriatric Pet Care
Save Big on TPLO Surgery at Bullard Marks Veterinary Medical Center!

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