We offer a wide range of services for your pet.

New Pet Care

Puppies and Kitties need regularly scheduled immunizations and examinations. We do new pet examinations to assess and insure the health of your new family member whether a baby, adopted or found. We can offer suggestions on how your pet can become a healthy, happy, well behaved family member that you can enjoy for many years.


Behavioral issues contribute to the enjoyment of your pet. Ask about housebreaking, separation anxiety, dementia, barking and urine marking. Gain a prospective of how your pet views the human world and how your actions influence your pets actions and behavior.

Pet grooming


Teach your canine friends to enjoy becoming clean and beautiful.

We use premium shampoos tailored to your canines coat and skin needs.  Your pet is double bathed to achieve a healthy, clean and shiny coat.
Coat and nails will be trimmed to highlight your canine companion’s attributes and personality.
Your pets will be able to stretch their legs and enjoy a breath of fresh air in our grassy exercise area.

Hours: Monday – Friday: 7am- Noon, 2:30pm – 6pm

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Every one needs a playmate.
Do you need a supervised place for your canine family member to play and release some energy?  We provide a place for  your puppy to learn how to play with other puppies.    Dogs play with other dogs of similar size and age in a safe, supervised, grassy playground.  We can help in overcoming intra-dog behavioral issues.

Preventative Health Care

Yearly Physical Examinations: Yearly examinations can detect health problems before they become critical and/or life threatening. Our staff will be happy to address your concerns and questions regarding you family pet. Blood work will help us tell how your pet’s organs are functioning.

Immunizations: We tailor our vaccination protocol to meet the needs of your family pet.

Monthly Preventative care: To keep your family pet health internal and external parasite control is available to need your needs.



Loss of a pet can be heart breaking.  A microchip can help .  A small chip is placed under your pet’s skin.  The chip can be scanned by animal shelters and veterinarian to identify a a lost or stolen animal.

Dachshund dog holding a toothbrush.


Dental care is an important part of your pet’s health. Teeth cleaning, polishing, fluoride treatment along with oral surgery is part of the dental services offered.


Each anesthetic procedure is tailored to the individual needs of the patient following the pre-surgery examination and appropriate laboratory work-up. An IV Catheter is placed to allow fluids and medications to be administered during the anesthesia. All anesthetized patients have a dedicated technician to monitor the patient’s vital signs, heart rate, respiration rate, blood oxygen saturation and the amount of carbon dioxide expired.


Our surgery room is equipped to preform many soft tissue surgeries including mass removal, abdominal exploration, cystotomy to remove bladder stones, cesarian sections, gastrointestinal foreign body removal, neuters, ovariohysterectomies, and wound repair.

Digital X-Ray

On-site digital radiographies with access to ultrasound and x-ray reviewed by a veterinary radiologist.
puppiesOoohh puppies!
forkThe fork wasn’t part of my dinner?
racket ballWhere’s my racket ball?

Senior Pets

Elder pets need special care. Our senior care programs are tailored to the needs of your family pet.

Laboratory Services

We have the ability to run complete blood counts, kidney and liver test along with many other tests in-house. We maintain accounts with many of the nation’s leading veterinary schools and Idexx, a national diagnostic laboratory in Sacramento. This gives us the opportunity to consult with board certified specialists both at the veterinary schools and Idexx.