Summer Temperatures

Hot summer temperatures bring our furry friends additional hazards.

Temperatures in the 90’s to 100’s can lead to heat exhaustion, hyperthermia and if not caught soon enough DEATH. Cats and dogs need plenty of cool, clean, fresh water (changed at least daily) in shady areas. Adding fans and misters will help to keep your dogs and cats cool as outdoor temperatures rise. Dogs with thick coats and branchycephalic dogs (Bulldogs, Pugs, French Bulldogs, and Bull Mastiffs) are more susceptible to heat exhaustion. Signs of heat exhaustion include excessive panting, lethargy, inability or unwillingness to walk and dry red oral membranes. If you are concerned that your pet may have heat exhaustion, wet your his coat with cool water (not ice water) and transport immediately to your veterinarian or emergency hospital.

As outside temperatures rise above 90 degrees, temperatures inside a car can easily reach lethal temperatures of over 120 degrees within minutes. With the hot summers in Fresno, it is best to leave your family dog at where it is cool, air conditioned home.

Backyard pools can be summer fun for people and dogs. As with children, pets must be watched so they do not fall in the pool. Dogs and cats who have not been taught to swim or how to get out of the pool may drown if not supervised. There are life jackets for dogs at local stores or on-line as an added measure of safety for your dog.

Some dogs prefer to run around the pool and chase the people in the pool. Hot sidewalks and pool decking can cause your dog’s toe pads to blister, resulting in extreme pain and discomfort. If you believe your dog has blistered his or her pads, seek immediate veterinary attention.

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