Happy Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is a special holiday bringing together family and friends. Here are a few tips to help you avoid hazards for your pets.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving treat

Yum! Should I or shouldn’t I? I Love Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving dinner should be reserved for friends and family not pets.

Turkey bones can injure the GI tract causing vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, and even intestinal obstruction. Eating fatty food, mashed potatoes with butter, turkey skin and

dessert can cause pancreatitis. Your pet may need to be hospitalized due to the resulting vomiting and diarrhea. Chocolate can be harmful for your pets. Some dogs find it tempting and will sniff out chocolate and eat it. Artificial sweetener, especially Xytlitol, a sugar substitute found in gum, candy, sugar free baked goods and some peanut butter, can cause your pets to became hypoglycemic. Hypoglycemia may cause seizures and/or death. An unattended turkey carcass found by your family dog or cat could be deadly. Dispose of the turkey carcasses, (bones, skin) and anything used to wrap the turkey (string, plastic bags, and packaging) in a covered secure trash can that can not be opened by your dog or cat.

Precautions for Thanksgiving Parties

Visitors can upset your pets

Thanksgiving means lots of family and friends. Many may bring their pets to join the festivities this means more noise and activity. Some family dogs and cats enjoy visitors. Others get nervous when strangers show up and the noise levels elevate. If you dog or cat is uncomfortable with visiting friends and family, put them in another room with their crate, bed or house, close the door and turn on the TV, radio, or stereo. This will reduce your pet’s stress and protect your guests from potentially getting scratched or bitten.

Watch the Exits

Even if your pets enjoy friends and family, watch the doors closely. Lots of people are going in and out on a frequent basis. Your four legged family member may go flying through the door and get lost.

Traveling to Friends and Family for Thanksgiving

Pack for your dog or cat as well as yourself. Your four legged family member will need their food, medication, favorite toys, leashes, collars and if possible medical records.

If you are traveling with the family dog by plane or crossing state or international borders, you will need a HEALTH CERTIFICATE FROM YOUR VETERINARIAN. Please call the office at (559) 432-0887 the first week in November so we can start the necessary paper work.


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