Happy 4th of July


With the extreme heat Fresno is experiencing this summer, dogs and cats need to be protected from the sizzling afternoon temperatures. Bring them inside where they can enjoy the air-conditioning. Make sure cool clean water is available all the time. Shade and misters help to decrease the exposure to hot afternoon temperatures. Sidewalk, streets and cement patios can burn dog’s and cat’s feet . This causes blistering and the pads sloughing off if the surface is too hot. If you cannot keep your hand on the sidewalk, patio, or asphalt for 10 seconds without discomfort, that surface is too hot for your dog’s or cat’s feet.

For many people, the 4th of July includes fireworks and backyard barbecue’s with friends, family and our four legged furry family members. If you have dogs or your guests bring their dogs, keep an eye on them so they do not escape through open doors or gates.

According to the ASPCA, more pet run away on the 4th of July than any other day of the year.

The flashing lights and thundering booms of the fireworks are frightening and scary for our pets causing them to run away and hide. Leave your dog and cat at home while you enjoy the fireworks display or parade.

Make sure your dog and cat have a collar with an ID tag containing your pet’s name, your phone number and address. Even better is a working microchip. Make sure company, who you registered the chip with, has current contact phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

When the fireworks start, it is time to make sure your pets are in the house with the air conditioner on, blinds or curtains closed, and the radio, TV, or computer is playing your favorite movie or music to help mask the fireworks. Some dogs, even though in the house, may try to get away from the fireworks by jumping through windows or trying to dig out of the house. Seek help from your veterinarian to prevent injury to your four legged family member and the house, if you dog is sensitive to loud noises.

Sparklers,fireworks, glow-sticks, matches, and lighter fluid should always be kept out of reach and away from curious dogs, cats and young children.

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