Happy Independence Day

Happy July 4!!

Many people are planning barbeques and fireworks to celebrate the 4th of July. For our dog and cat family member, it is not all fun and games. According to the ASPCA more pets are lost on the 4th of July than any other day of the year. Pets do not associate the noise, flashes and the burning smell of firecrackers with fun and celebration. Pets are terrified and panic when firecrackers are set off, leading to your dog and/or cat jumping fences, digging under fences, jumping through windows, or destroying the house trying to get out. In the case of cats, they climb trees, find shelter under houses or get locked in hot garages and sheds to escape. Never have your dog or cat around firecrackers. To protect your pets, keep them in the house. Turning on radios, televisions, or computers with movies may help to lessen noise associated with firecrackers. Make sure your pet has a microchip or secure collar with a name tag containing the pet’s name and your phone number.
Cats and dogs enjoy playing with and chewing on glow sticks or jewelry that glows. Even though the glow sticks and jewelry are not toxic, the chemical inside causes intense stinging and burning of the mouth, leading to your pet pawing at the mouth, frantically running around, salivating, and/or vomiting. Gently rinsing the cat’s or dog’s mouth out with water may help. If the signs do not stop within minutes, seek veterinary attention.
Hot weather can lead to heat stress and heat stroke, especially in older dogs, over weight, heavy muscled dogs (pit bulls or boxers), and brachycephalic dogs (Bulldogs, Shih tzue, Pugs, Boston Terriers). Keep your dogs and cats inside with air-conditioning. If they must be outside, provide then with shade, misters, fans and clean cool water.
Barbeque’s are fun for humans but can result in tragedy for cats and dogs. Dogs can find the corn cobs, chew on it and swallow the cob before anyone is aware that they have enjoyed the left over corn on the cob. More often this leads to intestinal obstruction several weeks after you dog ingested the corn on the cob. Grapes and raisins are not for dogs. If eaten, kidney failure can result. You, family and friends enjoy all the delicious barbequed marinated meat. Sharing it or having the family dog steal it off the grill or table can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, and even severe pancreatitis.

Have a safe fun July 4.

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