Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to you, your family and the dog and cat family members. Halloween activities can be fun for you but frightening, spooky and dangerous for your family dog and cat.

Kids trick-or-treat bags, full of candy and goodies, can be scary dangerous for your pets. The more your dog or cat eats the greater the potential he or she will get sick and need emergency veterinary attention. Xylitol, a natural sweetener used in some low calorie gums and candies, is also being added to several peanut and nut butters. A dog that nabs candy, gum, or peanut/nut butters, containing xylitol, could quickly become hypoglycemic leading to lethargy, seizures and liver disease. Lots of delicious chocolate candy can cause vomiting, diarrhea, agitation and/or seizures. The darker the chocolate and the greater the amount consumed, the more likely problems will result. The other sugar filled candy and goodies can result in vomiting, diarrhea and/or pancreatitis.

If your pet HATES costumes, consider skipping the costume for the Halloween activities. If your pet is not upset being dressed-up, make sure he or she is comfortable in the costume and can move freely without tripping over the costume.

Remember fire and fur don’t mix. If you are using candles in your Jack O’ Lantern, keep your pets away from the Jack O’ Lantern.

Doorbells, shrieking kids, strangle noises, and unfamiliar people can frighten your dog or cat. Opening and closing your door for the trick-or-treater, gives your dog or cat a better than normal chance to escape. Consider keeping them in a bedroom, away from the spooky sounds, with a radio or television on while you enjoy Halloween.

If your pet tries to join in the fun and eats something he shouldn’t, please call us at 559-432-0887.

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