Disaster Preparedness

When A Natural Disaster Occurs, Are You Ready to Evacuate Your Pets?

California avoided the tornadoes, floods, and snow showers seen this winter in parts of the U.S., however forest fire season is around the corner.

With advanced planning, you can increase the possibility you family pets will be safe.

  1. Always take your pets with you whenever you have to evacuate. Plan how you will evacuate your pets. If you are not at home when the evacuation order comes, have friends or family evacuate you pets. Make arrangements concerning where you can meet and reunite with your pets.
  2. Your family cats and dogs should have on either a collar or tag which has your name and phone number on it. Even better is a registered microchip.
  3. Prepare a disaster kit for each of your pets which include:

a. Vaccination records and a supply of your pets medicine for 3-7days.

b. Current picture of you. Even better a picture of you and your pet together.

c. Food for 3-7 days.

d. Water for each pet for 3-7 days.

e. Crates or kennels for each of you pets.

f. Water and food bowels.

g. Litter boxes and cat litter for your feline family members.

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