Dental Health Month

February is Dental Health Month for dogs and cats. Bullard-Marks is offering $199.00 special to help your dog and cat have clean, white, sparkling teeth and a fresh breath. This includes:
1. A pre-anesthetic examination
2. Inhalation anesthetic
3. Cleaning and polishing your cat’s or dog’s teeth
4. Oral examination/evaluation for periodontal pockets, fractured teeth, exposed nerves or tooth roots
5. Recovery from anesthesia

Dental disease and periodontal disease affects 78% of family dogs and 68% of family cats. Periodontal disease, loose teeth, and teeth with tartar can result in oral pain and bad breath. Help prevent cardiac disease, liver problems or kidney failureĀ  by having your furry friends’ dental issues addressed.

Give Bullard-Marks a call at 432-0887 to schedule you dog or cat’s dental cleaning and receive additional ideas to help keep your dog or cat’s teeth clean and gums healthy.

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