Autumn Safety Tips

The cool crisp air of fall is around the corner. Here are some safety tips for dealing with autumn’s challenges for our pets.

The end of daylight savings time comes with shorter days and longer dark nights. Make it easy for people driving at night to see your dog or cat. Keep your pet safe by using reflective collars or lights on their collar to make them visible in the dark. Consider keeping your pet inside during rush hour traffic. When you and your dog are out for a walk make sure you have a leash attached to their collar and a flashlight.

Cooler temperatures can bring on breathing problems or increase the pain from arthritis. If you notice any unusual changes in your dog or cats health, give the office a call.

Keep the school supplies out of paws reach. The bright colors of glue sticks, pencils, magic markers, crayons, and pens can look like toys to young cats and dogs. Make sure school supplies are secured. Some supplies can not only make a mess but are also toxic.

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safey Tips

October is Halloween time. A few precautions can help everyone have a great Halloween.

All the noise and costumes can be frightening and scary for family pets. Pets are very quick. When you open the door for the little goblins outside, a scared pet may bolt out the door. It is best to have a safe secure place in your home to confine your pet while one and all enjoy the Halloween fun. A microchip in your pet can help you find him if he escapes. All the Trick-or-Treat candy and goodies need to be stored out of pet’s reach. Chocolate can cause seizures in dogs. Dogs who eat the candy may vomit, have diarrhea, or pancreatitis. Candy made with sugar substitutes may result in low blood sugar leading to seizures. If your dog gets into the goodies please call the office.

Have a Happy Halloween. Keep your pets safe.

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