Preventive Dental Care

Pet dental care.

Preventative dental care is important for your family pet’s health, comfort and longevity. Dental and periodontal disease can result in your pet having bad breath, trouble eating or the loss of teeth. It can affect the kidneys, and liver, or heart, resulting in endocarditis,. Dental and periodontal disease effects 78% of family dogs and 68% of family cats. The tartar you see on your dog’s or cat’s teeth is only the tip of the iceberg. Bacteria hide in the spaces between the teeth and the bones resulting in periodontal disease. Preventative dental care reduces the buildup of tartar and protects the teeth and bones reducing periodontal disease.

Small Dogs

Toy breed and smaller dogs are more susceptible to tarter and periodontal disease because they have smaller mouths and crowded teeth. Even with good home care smaller dogs will need dental cleaning more frequently.

Home Cleaning

Unfortunately surface cleaning does not detect or address potential periodontal disease or hidden pathology below the gum line. Simple teeth scaling, without anesthesia, is similar to grooming your dog or cat. Grooming makes your dog or cat look better. A comprehensive dental cleaning, under anesthesia, will make your dog or cat feel better. An oral dental plan can help your dog or cat retain their teeth. Preventing  periodontal disease can slow the onset of cardiac, kidney, or liver disease.

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