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Summer Temperatures

The weather temperatures are slowly but surely beginning to climb, and here in the central valley, temperatures reach the triple digits on a daily basis throughout the summer months. Sadly, many pets die every summer from heat exhaustion. If you think it is hot outside, it is even hotter for

Spring is Here!

Spring Cleaning time Even though the weather is still cool and wet, Spring is quickly approaching. As the days grow longer and warmer we all begin to spend more time outside, and the same goes for our pets. Many of the items we keep in the yard or around our

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and the Very Best to You in the Coming New Year The holidays are here.  Dr. Porter and staff of Bullard-Marks Veterinary Hospital and Grooming would like to wish everyone happy holidays. Thank you to all of our valued patients and clients for your patronage, confidence


HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU, YOUR FRIENDS, AND 4 LEGGED FAMILY MEMBERS November, in addition to celebrating Thanksgiving, is Pet Diabetic Month. Understanding diabetes, its signs, symptoms and risks can help keep your four-legged family members healthy during the holiday season and in the coming new year. WHAT IS DIABETES? Diabetes

Senior Pet Care Month

September is Senior Pet Care month. With the improved veterinary care and dietary habits our four legged family members are living longer. As the family dogs and cats are getting older they are experiencing some of the problems seen in older people. Aging is not a disease, but rather complex

Have a Safe July 4

For many people the 4th of July includes fireworks, picnics, and barbecues with family, friends and our four legged family members. Dogs and cats don’t associate the noise, light flashes and the smell of firecrackers with fun and celebration. Pets can be terrified by the loud noises, flashing lights and

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